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Finding and hiring dependable employees can be exhausting. We'll simplify your website development and maintenance using our contract staff.  Only pay for staff when you need them..       

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buy domain and get a presence on the web!

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Save you the expense of hiring multiple individuals to cover the areas of expertise that you would need to set up branding, domain registration, domain hosting,  web site design and email 

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Over 30 years experience in the IT field.  Not all of our ideas were as great as we thought at the time.  We have learned from these experiences and you get the benefits.                 

Business Solutions

Running a business is not easy. We can help with buy domain and web site hosting

With McIlwrath Computer Services Inc, you will tap into 30 years of IT experience. 

Cambridge Domains will provide you with reliable web services.

  • Domain Name registration
  • Web site development software
  • website design
  • Website hosting
  • Email forwarding
  • Email  hosting
  • Your own account to control and direct  your services.

We strive to help business owners maximize their investment.

  Excellent web services at  reasonable prices.  Select your currency.

12 years of delivering great web services under our customer's control.

Open an account at Shop.CambridgeDomains.comtoday  and take control of your web services.


25 Years experience applying computer based solutions to business needs.

  • In our early years it was a single PC or notebook ($10,000 !!!)
  • Helping our customers select the best software package
  • Assist in the implementation - adjust clerical procedures
  • Help our customers grow
  • Help them set up a network
  • Now we assist them with web based solutions
  • Web site hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • Email - Mailboxes
  • Web site design
  • Still there with workstations, notebooks, tablets, servers
  • Plotters, printers, bar coding
  • Efiles - scanning with Fujitsu  Scanners
  • Hardware by Lenovo - Dealer